Dapper Laughs Net Worth 2018, Age, Height, Bio, Wiki

Dapper Laughs also known as “Moisturiser” is a known controversial British internet comedian whose jokes are often considered offensive and female degrading.

His nickname “Moisturiser” appeared in the media after he posted videos in which he puts wet floor signs in the sea but also for his often use of word “moist” connected with his pro-sexual stand-up comedy.

He gained a lot of negative critics from his fellow comedians because of his controversial comedy acts.

Early years

He was born as David Daniel O’Reilly on June 17, 1984 in Kingston, London in England.

He has a sister with whom he is still close to and the two of them have spent their childhood together.

He was a student at Brooklands Performing Arts school.

He started his career on Vine and Facebook as his first social network platforms but after a while he has spread over other platforms. His Twitter account is also very popular and he has over 500, 000 followers on his Instagram channel.

In 2014, he decided to release his single named “Proper Moist”. One of his controversial statings were: “If you make a girl laugh, you make her moist”.

The song came to Top 20 of UK Singles Chart and opened Dapper an opportunity to start his music tour. He decided to accept this opportunity and he went on his “Moist Tour” arround UK.

But he didn’t do it alone but he did it in the company of his friend and a fellow Viner named Joe Charman. The two of them staged all over UK and the show was pretty popular no matter of Dapper’s reputation.

In the summer of the same year, he released his single “Take It To The Base”. Originally, this single was released on his YouTube channel. Later on, he made this video song private.

Again, in the same year, due to his growing popularity he gained his own showed titled “Dapper Laughs: On the Pull”. It was broadcasted on ITV2 channel and it gained popularity fast.

The show was focused on the idea that the host Dapper can help the participants of the show with their relationships with women. To be exact, it aimed at increasing their chances for a sexual relationship.

He had a dispute with a website “UsVsTh3m ” because they gave his album a very negative review. It made him very angry and he started a dispute with the website’s admins.

The album in question was “Proper Naughty Christmas”. Dapper was angry because he wanted to raise money for a charity cause in order to help “Shelter”, an organization for helping the homeless.

After this website showcased how many of the lyrics in his songs are offensive, especially towards the homeless, he began getting negative publicity.

That ended up that the same charity called “Shelter” decided to decline his donations. Dapper later apologized for his offensive lyrics, claiming that he was trying to be humorous.

Later controversies included his ITV show On The Pull which was targeted because it was degrading to women, and his stametements that women on the show are “gagging for a rape” were considered especially offensive.

There was an online petition #CancelDapper which caused the cancelation of the show. The producers stated that the show won’t be continued in the new season.

In an interview with BBC he claimed that he would leave his Dapper character but one month later he decided to resurect the character again.

In 2015 he finally resurected the character in his sitcom which he uploaded to his channel. He did change his character and he “softened” his retorics.

Last year Dapper Laughs participated in a charity amateur boxing match in order to donate money for “Help for Heroes” organization.

At the beginning of 2018, he became a contester at the Celebrity Big Brother house and was evicted as the eight contester. He wasn’t liked by other contesters because he was offensive and arrogant towards other contestors.

Other comedians started stating that Dapper is not only degrading women but also makes all other comedians look bad.

Jenny Eclair and Katherine Ryan, along other 42 comedians called him a sexist and misogynist. He stated that he was misunderstood and that people are angry at him for no reason.

Personal life

When he was having his interview on Big Brother (it is called an eviction interview) he proposed his girlfriend with whom he has a daughter named Neve.

His girlfriend is named Rae, and she is a model.

She has over 100,000 followers on her Instagram channel. She considers herself an entrepreneur, an influencer and a fashion icon.

She is a great support to her boyfriend and a great young mum. She loves to travel so Dapper and she went on a trip to Vatican in 2017.

Quick summary

Full name: David Daniel O’Reilly

Date of birth: June 17, 1984

Birthplace: Kingston, London, England

Age: 34

Profession: comedian, YouTuber, TV host, model

Height: 1,78 m

Weight: 75 cm

Net Worth: $500,000