Bretman Rock Net Worth 2018, Age, Height, Bio, Wiki

Bretman Rock is a popular American vlogger, influencer, Viner and a makeup artist whose net worth is estimated at $500,000.

Early years

He was born as Bretman Rock on July 31, 1998 in the Phillipines. He was born into a family of mainly Portuguese descent. That’s why Bretman has distinct face features that people always notice.

The family relocated to Hawaii a little after and he still lives there with his mother. He says that Hawaii are gorgeous and that he couldn’t live in LA like most beauty guru’s do because he is used to have nature and the sea all around him.

He has a younger sister , Princess Mae, who is also known on Instagram and who gained popularity because of the fact that he is her brother. They make videos together sometimes, when Bretman feels like it, but she isn’t as popular or as interesting as he is.

His parents weren’t in a happy marriage, but tried not to show it to their kids. They got divorced while Bret was very young and it ended up in their father’s departure from their home. He continued living with his mother and younger sister and says that it didn’t affect him a lot. His mother is his biggest rock and therefore as long as she is close to him, he is okay.

He was a student at Campbell High School and was very good in class. During this period he was already drawing attention to himself and had a lot of followers on his Instagram. Everybody knew him as “the guy who makes funny faces” because he is used to making various grimaces and so on. This is a part of him and people often tell him that it seems fake and that his videos are forced.

However, he says that he has always been like that and that he makes the sames sounds and faces in real life.

He graduated there in 2016.

Bretman Rock isn’t his real name- it’s a combination of names of two wrestlers named Bret Hart and The Rock.

Bret grew up surrounded with women and his sister and mother were the most important figures in his life. He says that he can’t imagine living without them.

After he started watching Youtube and stumbling on makeup videos he realized he will give it a try because he was already doing some makeup himself.

His special inspiration awaited him on Youtube – he was impressed by Talia Joy. She was very popular at the time and her tragic story inspired many people besides Bretman.

Although he was attacked for his sexuality and choice of work he found motivation in it. He said that he isn’t going to pretend to be someone else just because some people cannot tolerate other people being themselves.

He decided to create a Vine account and his videos started getting attention he seeked so long. Vine was very popular at the time and many creative people started out there.

His most known  videos are called  “I’m Prada you’re nada” and “When I enter the classroom”. He makes comedy content too and this is why people love him. His popularity doesn’t lie only in his makeup art skills but in his sense of humour which his fans recognized.

After that, he started posting videos on ‘Snapchat’ and it also became interesting to people. He started to get involved into all of these social media waters and this was something he actually craved for.

He shares very intimate details about himself to his fans. He openly spoke about bullying he was exposed to in school. He wanted to let his fans know that you should be yourself no matter what people say and do because you have one life and you don’t want to live it as someone else.

After finishing school  Bretman wanted to go to University, and he was especially interested in going studying to California. He was interested in Fashion and Textile Merchandising in California.

Career development

He launched his own makeup line which include products such as brushes and foundations and he did it in collaboration with Morphe, Ulta Beauty and Beauty Bay.

After achieving success he has also released his own clothing line named Bretman Rock.

3 of his makeup looks has been launched as a part of Meitu’s Makeup Plus app. They were makeup filters and the app was ment for all iOS users.

As for his business skills, he receives revenues through selling his merchandise on Wnrs market.

He is a fighter for equality for gay people and mostly does it through special events such as #KissAndMakeup event. He thinks it is important to be tolerant and share the same mindset with other people.

Going through his teenage years he was inspired a lot by a known Youtuber Talia Castellano. She was known for her hard work in front of the camera but she is mostly known for her big fight against cancer in her youth.

He was very sporty in school although a lot of kids didn’t want to hang out with him. He was good in baseball, soccer and volleyball

He is a big supporter of the anti-bullying campaign made by Tarte Cosmetics. I

He was invited to host the 65th Miss Universe Red Carpet which was held in Manila in Phillipines and he gladly accepted.

Bret and Jayvee Valenzuela look alike so they are often mistaken for one another in public.

His sister Princess Mae has given birth to a baby girl Cleo who Bretman just adores. The baby has her own Instagram profile  @cleoamoreamiotonu with 0,5 million followers. This is something a bit unusual, but Bretman says that he enjoys making videos with Cleo.

In collaboration with Morpheam je has made and launched Bretman Rock Babe In Paradise Highlighter Palette which has 6 highlighter shades included in it.

Bretman Rock gained world wide attention after a known magazine “Time” put his name on the list of the most influental teenagers in 2017.

He also has his favorite makeup products from other brands: he often uses Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade, Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer and MAC’s Gigablack Lashes.

He pays a lot of attention on eyebrows so he considers eyebrow pomade an essential piece of every makeup bag.

In 2017, he toured through twenty American cities where he made events which were very visited.

Personal life

Although he doesn’t seem the type for it, his favorite music is reggae.

A makeup artist whose work he appreciates the most is PatrickStarrr.

He is also interested in sports, both watching and playing. He is a huge fan of baseball and soccer.

Quick summary

Full name: Bretman Rock Mae

Date of birth: July 31, 1998

Birthplace: Phillipines

Age: 20

Profession: makeup artist, vlogger, Youtuber

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $500,000