Bastian Yotta Net Worth 2018, Age, Height, Bio, Wiki

Bastian Yotta is a Beverly Hills millionaire who has a lifestyle of a playboy and is boasting about it.

He isn’t modest and he does a lot of things just to show that he can.

Early years

Bastian Yotta was born on December 4, 1976 in Munich in Germany.

He never revealed private personal info about his family, friends or his childhood.

He hides informations about his early life but it seems that there is a reason for it. It seems that Bastian led a poor life and that he had weight issues. He devotedly worked to become someone influential and he made a business empire because he was stubborn to succeed and get away from poverty.

Previous living in Los Angeles in California, he was convinced that he would live in Germany but he decided to move from there due to the fact that the Germans never excepted his lifestyle and he was often harrassed and offended there.

Career development

He was thrilled by moving to Los Angeles since he had a dream as a child to live there. Dream was mostly built on the idea of flashy American lifestyle he used to see in the videos and in a popular American TV series called “Baywatch”.

Bastian Yotta is today a multi-millionaire and doesn’t hold back from living extravagantly and lavishly. Quite the opposite: he believes that he became wealthy just to spend money and enjoy life.

He has no limits in his extravagancy and doesn’t think twice about spending sums such as $100,000 per month just on indulging himself and being in the media all the time.

Bastian is extremely popular in America and doesn’t have problems with the public as he had in Germany. In Germany, he wasn’t liked because of his lifestyle and he and his wife were often victims of public dissaproval. They would even spit on his expensive car or offend his wife.

It seems he “has a thing” with the series Baywatch because he often mentions how he is now living wealthy in Los Angeles, has everything he wants and his wife is hotter than any Baywatch actress.

He succeeded in becoming a successful entrepreneur and he holds companies which are handling beauty products and is involved in software business.

His most important products which bring him a lot of money are comnected with cosmetics.

Global Skin, Cavitation and IPL devices, tattoo lasers are some of the products which made him a millionaire. He realized that all women are vain and that the cosmetics and body reshaping are on the rise so he made products he knew that martket asks for.

His instagram account is named yotta_life and he posts motivational fitness videos and posts on it.

He loves to bragg with his physique and friends so in 2017 he posted photos with Arnold Schwarzenegger and John Cena on his Instagram account.

He wrote a book named “The Yotta Bible” in 2018, and in it he describes how he changed his life and from a poor, suicidal guy became a magnat.

He trains a lot in the gym and became one of the hottest people on Instagram.

He thinks of himself as an motivational guru and a life coach who can teach people to gain confidence and succeed in anything they want to.

Personal life

He was married to Maria and they are together for a few years. They have met while she was a student and she gave up the studies after Bastian entered her life.

They have met in a restaurant in Munich in Germany where she worked.

She was a student and she was on her way to become a teacher for children with special needs but she left it to enjoy a more material lifestyle.

Bastian does anything in his power to make Maria happy so he has paid for her to enlarge her breasts and he buys her clothes and other items women adore.

She calls herself the ideal wife and often argues with people who claim that she married Bastian just for the money.

She claims that she needs to look awesome for Bastian himself and that she keeps him happy that way.

Both he and his wife enjoy showing theirselves on Instagram. She shows her designer clothes and expensive jewellry.

They lived in an expensive mansion in the most expensive part of Beverly Hills and to explain how their house looks like it is enough to say that they have ten bedrooms.

They were extravagant in having parties too. They didn’t just have live music and beautiful women but caged lions and other exotic creatures.

They have eventually split up never revealing the reason for it. Christiana Caune became Bastian’s new girlfriend and she is as beautiful as his ex wife was.

Quick summary

Full name: Bastian Gillmeier Yotta

Date of birth: December 4, 1976

Birthplace:  Munich, Germany

Age: 42

Profession: playboy, businessman, influencer

Height: 1,88 m

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $100 million