Bart Kwan Net Worth 2018, Height, Age, Bio, Wiki

Bart Kwan is a known YouTube star with a famous YouTube channel called “Just Kidding Films.”

Bart often speaks about current events, politics and social issues and looks at their funny sides in a positive way which made him very popular amongst people.

He is an owner of a gym and is an extreme fan of powerlifting.

Early years

On November 18, 1985, Bart was born in California, United States. He is of Cantonese and also Taiwanese descent and is an American he was living with his parents until he was a six year old. His parents got divorced because of their different priorities.

He was living with his mother, although he had and still has a great relationship with his father. He kept an amazing relationship with them both till this day.

When he was a little child, Bart liked to entertain himself by using a camera and making videos of himself making funny faces and silly things.

Amongst family, Bart was always entertaining the guests and friends. When he started going to school, he did the same thing with his classmates.

After years and years passed by, he found those recordings of himself and was very entertained by them. He had a comedic line within himself from the day he was born.

In his school, he was very interested in some scientific subjects like chemistry and biology. Other than that, he wasn’t interested in any other subject and didn’t really made up his mind about what job he wants as his career.

When he finally graduated high school, Bart entered United States Marine Corps. Although he wanted his job to be involved in medicine, he chose to move on with comedy as his career.

While he was with the Marines, he decided to change his body and strengthen it, so he got himself into exercise.

Before his YouTube channel, Bart took comedy and acting classes to become better at it. Although those lessons were for fun, he learned a lot there. He was taking those classes with his dear friend Joe Jo.

Career development

Bart and his friend Joe Jo made his YouTube channel together. They have great chemistry together because of their similarity; they have very similar experiences and past, so their approach to comedy is also similar. They weren’t just average comedians; they were much more creative and different from others.

Bart is a writer and director for all of his videos he posts on his channel. He isn’t only an actor, Bart is a producer, writer, comedian, and director.

YouTube described Bart’s Just Kidding Films Channel as a channel that “teaches good things in a bad way.” Many people that watch this channel agree with that statement.

After his channel grew, he opened few other ones. Some of them were called “Just Kidding News” and “Just Kidding Party.”

He also made a “Just Kidding Gamer” channel. There he uploaded videos of games. He lived to play video games since he was a child.

He created a “Just Kidding Films” YouTube channel, too. The channel became so famous that he got invitations to many film festivals, international events, and universities to talk about comedy.

Bart has a fitness gym with his wife. They both enjoy exercising and fitness and maintain their great physical looks with sports.

Bart and his wife also have their own channel “Barbell Brigade” about fitness. It has the same name as their gym.

Their gym has a great rating, and all of the users are very happy with it. It isn’t a typical gym, it doesn’t have showers, but it has ten times more “iron” and extremely professional powerlifters that are very friendly to their customers.

Bart was investing money in his “Go For Broke” apparel of which he is a co-owner. He and his wife Geovanna wear it very often.

Geovanna and Bart also made a channel named “Bart and Geo” on which they post videos about their personal life. They made the channel after they got married.

Bart was also in few movies like “Gun Fu” and “She has a boyfriend.”

He uses funny accents from all around the globe to portray stereotypical characters. He often uses his broken Asian. Although he does that for fun a lot of people are surprised that he doesn’t speak a lot about his Asian descent.

Personal life

Bart also plays drums and is a great drummer. He played them since the beginning of his elementary schooling. Since he has a baby with his wife, he isn’t able to play them very often.

He and his wife have three dogs named Briggy, Fawn, and Meatloaf. They are real dog lovers!

Bart didn’t have many girlfriends prior to his relationship with Geovanna because he wasn’t ready to commit to them, but after he met her in 2010, he decided to marry her in 2015. He believed it was the woman he would spend with his golden years.

In 2017, his wife Geovanna gave birth to his son named Taika Octavius and this was the happiest moment of their lives, as they both stated numerous times.

His wife’s full name is Geovanna Antoinette, and she is part Italian and part Asian.

At the beginning of his career, Bart was very unhappy with his appearance because he was a bit chubby. He started lifting weights and training intensely. He also made his diet much healthier. Steamed vegetables and lean meat were his main sourced of nutrients.

After he started to train he lost weight and then he started powerlifting. He also competes in that sport.

Bart is a huge fan of a rapper Tupac and Jim Carrey.

He is very passionate about cars. He owns four cars: Porsche 911, Chevrolet Silverado, a BMW and Audi RS7.

They change cars as needed, whether they go on a longer trip or do they have a lot of luggage.

Joe and Bart also worked with an actor from a very known movie “Fast and the Furious,” Sung Kang.

Quick summary

Full name: Bart Kwan

Date of birth: November 18, 1985

Birthplace:  California, United States

Age: 33

Profession: YouTuber, comedian

Height: 175 cm

Weight: 88 kgs

Net Worth: $2 million