Arin Hanson Net Worth 2018, Age, Height, Bio, Wiki

Arin Hanson is a perfect example of an individual with many talents. He is an artist that uses his skills in order to create cartoons and animate various series and movies. Besides that, he enjoys creating in many other ways too: he is great at voiceovers because he can transform his voice in many ways.

His love for music is also something he works for a lot and that’s why he creates lyrics and is also a great rapper. His favorite lyrics are those that are a bit funny as well since he is a fan of comedy. These are not the mans’ only interests and he is also very fond of gaming.

“GameGrumps” is a YouTube channel he has with his friend Dan and the duo created videos of them playing the games individually and together. They both enjoy it a lot so they are very enthusiastic about it. Besides that, “Awesome Series” also made Arin very popular, even more famous than he initially was with his prior hobbies we mentioned above.

Arin obviously has many talents that he can show to the world and his decided to use all of his passions to make money. He isn’t one of those people who are talented and then try to do as little as they can and earn money off of their name. Arin actually spends a lot of his time and energy on creating. It doesn’t matter is it music, videos, cartoons, gaming videos or animations… He loves it! It was always a wish of his to be popular as an entertainer and that’s what he got.

Today he has over $1 million dollars of net worth and it is quite a lot for someone who focuses on so many different things.

Early years

On January 6th in 1987 a name called Lloyd Hanson and a woman called Maurette Hanson got a baby boy they decided to call Arin. His birthplace was West Palm Beach in Florida and his full name was decided to be Arin Joseph Hanson.

Arin was exposed to music from his early age since his father was a musician and used to write when he felt like it.

His mother wasn’t much of an artist, rather a philantrophist. She worked in a horse healing charity center that meant a lot to her.

Arin, just like any ordinary kid, went to a local high school called Wellington High School, located in Florida, near their place of living. However, after various complications, he could not complete the education and was banned from school. He wasn’t actually that mean of a kid, he just wasn’t too interested in education. Arin started to do antimation back them and he decided that the right career for him would be voice acting. This made him move into Los Angeles where he thought he could get a new opportunity much easier.

Career development

He didn’t become famous right away, but he was creating anyway. Small movies were his specialty and he created them for a company called Soon he decided that he wanted to get known by people and that’s why he laucnehd a channel called Egoraptor where he showed some games he had created: Ninja Gaiden, Metal Gear, Final Fantasy and so on. He has made all of the games with passion and that’s why they were so good.

After 2006, his major breakthrough, he started to get recognized as an Internet gamer and became a bit more relaxed and creative with his content. He started to create some parodies about video games and “Meta Gear Awesome” would be the most famous of such kind.

Soon he got more serious with his work and worked with MTV for G-Hole, a special type of gaming online that Arin would create for. At first, it all seemed very great and cute, but it ended up being very restricted for him because he had no communication with his fans whatsoever. He designed some of his most famous work there and one could name Poke Awesome as a great example.

However, the restriction was too much and he decided to join a man called JonTron on a channel called Grumps in 2012. The channel was later named “Game Grumps” and they post various content about gaming, gaming competitions and so on.

He is today also one of the three member of a trio that does music called Starbomb. However, the trio doesn’t do regular music. They enjoy making parody music related to video games and their creators, sometimes also YouTuber’s.

His most famous voice acting roles were Bruce Banner in Marvel’s video game called Ultimate Alliance. This was a very important thing for him because not only did he have the chance to upgrade the game, but he is also a huge fan of Marvel.

Some of his more famous work is Rick & Morty, Cyanide & Happiness, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Target Acquired and so on. There are a lot of movies and animated series where he plays a part and after his work in Rick & Morty, his popularity in this job only seems to be growing.

In 2013, he was a guest on a famous web series called Pepper Gaming. He had to give his opinion about a game called Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and be very honest about it. Arin talked about the graphics, the music, the idea and the producing and he was very honest since he had to eat a habanero pepper while making the review!

YouTube Red also featured him a couple of times and he had been in Good Game with his friend Avidan that he is good with to this day.

Personal life

His personal life isn’t much known about since he doesn’t want everyone to be all up in his business. But, something we do know is that he had married a fellow YouTube star called Suzanne “Suzi” Berhow. Their wedding took place in October 2013 and the couple today lives in Glendale, California.

We know that their marriage is wonderful and there are no problems between the duo.

They actually met each other at a gaming event and they started to date pretty soon, in 2002. The couple got engaged in 2011, 9 years after they started dating, but as previously mentioned, it took them 2 years to make the wedding perfect.

She also creates content and she had many secret names such as KittyKatGaming and Mortem3r. She sometimes even let’s her husband join in on her gaming.

Quick summary

Full name: Arin Joseph Hanson

Date of birth: January 6th 1987

Birthplace:  West Palm Beach, Florida, the United States of America

Age: 31

Profession: cartoon maker, voiceover professional, rapper, YouTube star

Height: 188 cm

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $1 million