Anwar Jibawi Net Worth 2018, Age, Height, Bio, Wiki

Anwar Jibawi is a famous creator of comic videos who gained his fame through the Internet and managed to entertain hundreds of thousands people all over the globe.

His main platform he works on and on which he made his fortune is Youtube, but his first appearance where he got recognition was a platform named Vine.

Vine was a very popular platform where content creaters uploaded their 6-seconds long videos which had to be entertaining in a way that they would have to be comic or surprising and similar.

His career started of in 2013 when he started to upload his sketch comedies online.

Anwar is one of the most active Youtuber both on his main platform as well as on his Instagram account.

He has over five million followers on his Instagram channel and his net worth goes around half a million dolars.

Early years

He was born as Anwar Jibawi on August 9, 1991 in Chicago, Illinois, United States.

He was raised in a Muslim family.

He has spent his childhood there, mostly hanging out with his brother Malik Jibawi, but also with his other siblings. There were five of them and they are still in very good relations.

His parents relocated to United States from Pakistan, seeking new opportunities and a better life for the family.

Pakistan families are very connected and family is extremely important to them. His family was also like this.

Career development

He was 22 years old when he started to release his videos on Vine platform and the first he launched was in the summer of 2013 and it was titled “When Sounds Interrupt Your Dreams”.

He was always very focused on his work, ensuring that his career will move towards as he planned.

He was sure that starting off on Vine and its 6-second videos will open a place for him on Youtube easier than to start on Youtube first. And he was right.

After suceeding on Vine it was much easier for him to show his talent on Youtube platform.

His videos soon became viral and become shared through other social media platforms, such as Facebook.

After making a few videos which garnered thousands of views he was invited to collaborate with other known content creator such as King Bach and Jerry Purpdrank.

He didn’t upload a lot of videos because he was more focused in getting quality over quantity.

He noticed that a lot of Youtubers lacked creativity so he tried very hard to be much more interesting and intriguing than others.

Some of his most popular videos are “ Sagging at its Finest” and “#DropThatNaeNae”.

In 2017, when Vine shut down, Anwar had over 3 million followers but most of them just followed him on Youtube.

When it was known that Vine is shutting down, Anwar told his followers that he will continue uploading his videos but on a different channel, on Youtube.

In 2016, he was already on Youtube, sharing his content in a form of longer videos. At that point he has laready garnered one million followers and had almost 200 million views.

Up to today, “Killer Clown” is one of his most successful videos which got over 30 million views in just a few days after the release.

These are some of his popular videos: “Worst Liar”, “The Broke Life”, and “Crazy Drug Lord”.

He posted his most succesful Vine videos on his Instagram account where people can still enjoy them although Vine doesn’t exist any more.

Anwar is sponsored by a lot of brands and he promotes them on his social media.

In 2018, he was invited to walk the runway at Milan Men’s Fashion Week 2018 show for a known fashion brand called Dolce & Gabbana.

In 2016, he was involved in a controversy after his tweets against US President Donald Trump became public. This was not surprising since Anwar comes from Pakistan and Trump talks badly about immigrants and considers every Asian or Middle Eastern person as a potential problem.

In 2017, Anwar was asked by a boxing legend Mike Tyson to create and  launch Mike’s YouTube channel.

This ended in a lot of collaborations between the two of them. He has a huge respect for Mike Tyson and admires him as a very proud and hardworking boxer.

He is also a very good friend with Justin Bieber, a known music star.

He collaborated with Jerry Purpdrank and Paul Logan on ntheir videos.

He is contracted to Shot Studios and his representative and a promotor is a manager named William Morris Endeavor.

In 2015 he gained great publicity when he was named into Top 100 Viners with the biggest number of followers.

He debuted in film as an actor in a comedy named Airplane Mode in 2017. His co-actors on this film are also known internet celebrities such as Logan Paul, Jake Amanda Cerny and Chloe Bridges.

Before getting this role he had minor roles in several short films a year before, in 2016.

They weren’t especially noticed by the public but the critics gave them goid reviews.

Personal life

In 2012 his fans learned from one of his videos that his father doesn’t live with the family. It is not known are his parents divorced but Anwar stated that he is going to visit and see his father and that it passed eight years from the last time he saw him.

As for his favorite personal things, he has a lot of hobbies and they include dancing and singing.

He doesn’t have any special training routine but he tries to keep himself in shape.

He likes fast food, especially pizza and burgers so he has to be carefull about his weight.

His favorite actress is Emma Watson and his dearest movie is the famous “Titanic”.

He reads a lot but his favorite genre are mythology books. He also likes movies of the same genre.

As for his perfect holiday he likes to visit Iceland, Spain and Dubai. He took his mother to Dubai and posted her photo on his Instagram account.

BMW and Audi is his favorite brand of cars so he has surely bought one of these.

He had several relationships but the latests is with Hannah Stocking. She is an Internet celebrity known for her role in a film named “Boo 2! A Madea Halloween”.

She was involved in the making of his popular video “Having a Tall Girlfriend”. She also guest appeared in his other videos.

They get along very well and share their photos on their social media accounts.

Quick summary

Full name: Anwar Jibawi

Date of birth: August 9, 1991

Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois, United States

Age: 27

Profession: Youtuber, former Viner, actor, producer

Height: 163 cm

Weight: 64 kgs

Net Worth: $500,000