Amiri King Net Worth 2018, Height, Age, Bio, Wiki

Amiri King is a famous YouTube star who is known for his channel “RoyalMediaMafia” on which he posts parody videos.

He is known for his rants about current events and is a right-winged comedian, so he always has something to say about them.

He was in jail for committing an armed robbery, but after he came out of prison he turned to an entirely different direction, he became a comedian.

Early years

On July 10, 1979, Tony Donovan Schork was born in Louisville, Kentucky,  United States.

He never stated any information about his childhood education or his family. He is only known to have American citizenship.

When he was 11, he ran away from his home in Louisville because his parents had disagreements.

He’s spent almost all of his childhood in a mental institution and on the streets because he was homeless for a long period.

He’s from Nicholasville, but he was in jail for the crimes he committed in Louisville.

He was trialed as an adult although he was 16 because his crimes included robbery and life threats. He spent three years behind bars and left prison as an 18-year old.

Then he again got involved in criminal actions, so he was soon sent back to serve another three years.

One of the few things he remembers clearly from his time behind bars was that he slept a lot because he thought time would pass much quicker that way.

Career development

After he was released for the second time, he started his YouTube career. He recorded videos until one of them didn’t become viral, and he became very known on the internet just in few days.

After few years passed by, he moved to Nicholasville, Kentucky, and got a job as a landscaper. He also got a little bit into acting.

In 2007, he created his channel on YouTube, and after six years of recording constant videos, he became a YouTube partner.

For his YouTube, he decided to use name Amiri King because he doesn’t want to reveal his personal identity and share his own life on the internet and because Amiri Baraka is the name of a poet he likes a lot.

He is known for his funny videos that he posts on his YouTube channel and is also known as a comedy content writer. Most locally-based comedians hire Amiri.

“Chevy Silverado” is a name of one of his most popular videos that has more than 5 million views.

He also has a blog on which he connects with his fans by sharing a bit of his personal life online.

He is a very straightforward person, so he had a lot of conflicts with other people when he was very honest about some of the subjects he talked about. Although he had these conflicts, he never had any big fights.

He also posted few controversial tweets and facebook post that gained a lot of interest from media.

Another comedian named Peter Shukoff collaborated with him, and together they made some excellent parody videos. They also became great friends, and their families are very close.

Amiri was on the covers of the Reader’s Digest three times.

Amiri never gets scared of the consequences of his parodies or opinions and stays true to himself.

In 2014 and 2015, Amiri won LEO’s Magazine “best local comedian” award, but in 2016 they took his award due to his “less acceptable” opinion.

One of his proudest moments was when he received a YouTube Silver Play Button. YouTubers gain it after they get past 100, 000 subscribers.

He speaks against the Black Lives Matter movement and defends American president Donald Trump for his inappropriate language which got some people angry.

Because of those statements, he’s often called a misogynist and a racist and the award he received in 2016 was taken from him. Many people say that he has some mental issues because of his hard past.

He is full of himself and even posted a vlog named “My Vlog Is Better than Yours.” To some people, it was funny at first, but now they got really annoyed by him.

Amiri is intensely active on his social media accounts like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. He also has his snapchat account.

Personal life

He has three daughters, Kennedy, Tilly, and Marcy. He never revealed his relationships but he is single right now, and he focuses on caring for his daughters that he loves very much.

He never revealed the identity of these girls mother to the public.

Amiri loves to paint as a hobby and is good at it. He sells his art pieces online and in some galleries. Because of his online popularity, he managed to sell them much more expensive than they would be if he weren’t famous.

All of his daughters love animals, and they have a cat called “Willy the Cat.” Amiri likes to spend as much money and is really invested in his daughters’ life as much as he can.

Amiri owns two vehicles: ’77 Caprice and 1963 Coupe Devil and they are worth about $40,000.

Amiri owns a massive house in Nicholasville (Kentucky) that has plenty of rooms and enough space for him and his daughters and their cat.

He thinks his hugely successful and is very proud of his accomplishments because he lived most of his life in poverty and now can afford himself and his kids a great life.

Quick summary

Full name: Tony Donovan Schork

Date of birth: July 10, 1979

Birthplace: Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Age: 39

Profession: YouTuber, comedian

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $200,000