Alexis Ren Net Worth 2018, Age, Height, Bio, Wiki

Alexis Ren is a very popular American bikini model who became a major Instagram star and an Internet influencer.

She became widely known and indeared because of her great body and looks and beautiful bikini photos she makes.

Early years

She was born as Alexis Rene Glabach on November 23,1996 in Santa Monica in California, United States.

Alexis spent her childhood surrounded by her four siblings and a loving family. She was always very active which is no wonder since she was surrounded by a lot of guys who were always bored and looked out for adventure.

That is how she learned skateboarding.

Her family has origins from Europe so some of her great body features are inherrited from her ancestors from Russia and Germany.

She has four siblings, as we have mentioned above and they are named Amber, Devin, Alisa and Ace. She was very happy to grow up in a large family although it sometimes asked for compromises.

Her father is named Frank and he is a successful lawyer while her mother Cynthia was a nutricionist.

Her mother was very protective about her children and she has always watched out their diet and exercise and promoted a healthy lifestyle to them.

Great sadness entered the life of young Alexis when the family found out that her mother has cancer and that it was too late to help her or do anything about it.

She died of rectal cancer when Alexis turned 18 and Alexis lost not only a mother but a great friend, a sensational life coach and a leader.

This made a huge impact on Alexis because she gained an eating disorder in the same period and she started to show anger and negativity towards people surrounding her, even to the rest of the family.

She has spent all of her childhood in Santa Monica but she never went to public schools. Her parents decided that it was better for all their children to be homeschooled.

Career Development

She was just a young teenage girl aged13, when she gained  an opportunity for modeling. She was extremely beautiful and very thin and she was spotted by an agent who knew she will eventually become a star.

Her first modelling contract was signed between her (and her parents) andBrandy Melville.

After that she was a freelancer for about twelve months and she has done a dozen of little projects, until she caught the eye of agents in Nous Model Management.

She was 14 years old and she was already entering the world of famous models.

She was getting hired for magazine adverts and the first one she did was for the magazine named “Seventeen”.

She became recognizable to a wider range of people at the age of 16,  when she posted her photoshoot on a social media network named Tumblr.

Her first famous modelling agency for which she worked was “Nous Model Management”. It was followed with engagements at “Chic Management” and “The Lions Management”.

These are amongst the best modeling agencies in America and she has already made her way to all of them. It was a great achievement.

In the period after, she was hired by known brands to do ads for them: Puma, Loreal and Calvin Klein are just some of the names mentioned in her portfolio.

Alexis was featured on almost every bigger magazine cover.

In 2013, she finally finished schooling and graduated but wasn’t interested in going to college or any serious studies because she was already a very big star.

Alexis realized that it would be a waste of time to go to college when she was on her way to earn millions through modelling.

In 2014, she made her first appearance on a runway for a brand named Sahara Ray Swimwear.

Next year she appeared in the “Surfing Magazine”, in their swimsuit issue.

She was featured in a Calvin Klein video titled “Put It On, Take it Off” during the summer of the same year. He later often hired her for his ads and on the runway.

Alexis became a cover girl for Maxim which was considered a big success because they always featured only the best models.

She entered the world of mobile games as a part of an advertisement for “Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire”.

She is followed by over 12 million people on her Instagram account and raising. For example, last year the number was over 10 millions, and this year she has 2 millions more.

“Ren Active” is the name of her clothing line mostly intended for training and active wear. She wanted to show that she isn’t only a model but that she has various interest which includes sports and fashion.

In 2017, she had her first acting gig in a comedy titled “Deported”.

In 2018 she was on the covers of “Maxim Mexico” and is titled as the “Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Rookie” in the same year.

Chainsmokers, a known music group, featured her in their video and it brought her great popularity over social media.

Personal life

In 2014, she entered in a relationship with Jay Alvarez which ended in 2017.

The ending of this 3-years long relationship was all over social media because they were fighting and arguing all over Twitter.

She enjoys all kind of activities but mostly she is doing dancing, a lot of hiking and she loves boxing.

She has a pet dog and she often takes him with her when she goes hiking.

She loves music and she knows to play the guitar. Dancing comes easy for her because she trained to be a ballerina for years.

Pilates and yoga are the things she really enjoys in and she has learned this from her mother.

As for her diet, she watches it very carefully and tries to avoid junk food and meat. She focuses her diet on vegetables, fruit and fish.

It is known that she drinks water in large amounts to avoid problems woth dry skin and to keep it moistureized.

She has a very close friend with whom she is connected for years: it is a photographer Bryant Eslava. She prefers him to other photographer because she feels that his photos are more alive.

She gives respect to her mother very often, mostly through her tatooes. She has three tatooes dedicated to her beloved mother and they include dates of her birth and death and her signature.

Alexis has hidden a tatooe of a little spider behind her ear. She cannot go overboard with tatooes since she is a bikini model.

Gigi Hadid is her greatest role model.

Quick summary

Full name: Alexis René Gablach

Date of birth: November 23, 1996

Birthplace:  Santa Monica, California

Age: 22

Profession: model, Instagram celebrity

Height: 174 cm

Weight: 58 kgs

Net Worth: $1,000,000